For Guys

This is the same as the Fashion Show Help page…only it’s for GUYS!! Yes, I did make a guy account. Don’t judge me! I did it so I could help guys, too. I’m a multi-helper   :mrgreen:    .

*UNDER CONSTRUCTION* I still need to buy all the boys’ items…so yeah. Just hold on there! Will be updated when I gots a bigger variety. (:

Red Theme

(ignore the anime)lol

Bright Theme

Blue Theme (member)

Orange theme (member)

Thanks, austin!



Thank yous!

Animal Theme


Holiday Theme


Thanks, Alyssa!

Would you like to help? Send me guy themes! I’ll credit you! Send your images to


77 thoughts on “For Guys

  1. another tip for winning fashion shows for boys is to join a fashion show with girls only, then get to the final round then eventually you see clothes you have and tada! you win! do the same with girls only they should join a fashion show with boys only.

  2. I have a friend who’s a non-member, and she does really well on holiday. Like, REALLY well. She gets super perfect and she always beats me, even though I’m a member! And when she does, I’m all like: “Woah, dude.”

  3. The animal theme: (for girls)

    Wear any costume from jesters (frog,kangaroo,white costume)
    Add a pet why not?
    And make sure to do all the rest like the boys
    Ps. I always win animal theme xD


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