Flying Pig Crap

Remember when I made the post about flying pig crap and starting a trend?(Link here.) Well, here’s the page! Just post your flyingpigcrap-worthy comments here.

  • I posted the summer bash guide a day late. /flyingpigcrap
  • I forgot to do my daily quiz. /flyingpigcrap
  • I got scammed in the Trade-N-Sell. /FLYINGPIGCRAP

Get how it works?



29 thoughts on “Flying Pig Crap

  1. Blissy! I saw at the fashion show a dude with the “Flying Pig Crap” board and I was like OMG FLYING PIG CjRAP!!! BLISS TOLD ME TO SPREAD THE WORD!!! And the dude was like “Ok?”

  2. umm I think you need to put more new fantage cheats and secrets because most of these are pretty old I cant do some of them 😦

  3. oh and also I need some help leveling up also WE WANT TRADE IN SALE BACK!!!!!!! please vintage gold is to much money I have never had that much money ever on fantage!

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