About Me


October 2012 Update: I am no longer posting on this blog.I have hired authors to keep this blog alive. I am still the owner, but I am no longer updating. More info.

May 2013 Update: I’m back!

Ok so I am a level 160 non-member. (No, I have never been a premium membor nor bought any eCoins.) I am girl from the U.S.A.  I only go on Fantage to update this blog but if you’d like to meet up we can do so if we’re both online in the chatboxes.

I am a short, feminist vegetarian who likes alternative music and is multilingual. I like to act, sing, play numerous instruments, and read amazing novels. Winter is the best and I like the temperature to be as cold as my heart. Idk man I think I’m pretty smart? Oh yeah I dabble in graphic design/web design/coding. I’ve been blogging since I was eleven so yeah don’t judge me on my older stuff (I’VE CHANGED).

I quit in October 2012 but as of May 2013 I’m back.

If you’d like to know anything else just ask.


Twitter[follow me!]: http://twitter.com/FantageNews

Ask.fm[ask me random questions!]: http://ask.fm/blissswirl

OMGPop: fudgyswirl

Fantage Forum: Owl

ourWorld(friend me if you’d like): xX smileXx

WitchMe Forum: Bliss

Know any others? Lol.

Oh yeah and one time Lucas Cruikshank replied to me(FЯED):


Here’s a pic of my fantagian.


Favorite Song: Nightingale by Demi Lovato

Favorite Artist: Owl City

Favorite Game: Jelly Fishin’ and Type Boo

Favorite Fantage thing to do: buy stuff with the stars I don’t have

Oh and if you ever see me on Fantage say BLISS and I’ll give ya a sticker. (I sometimes forget so you have to remind me! lol)

Click Me!

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248 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Bliss!
    Since u have stopped playing “dizzywood”
    Do u still play Fantage?
    And also, do you have all the non member clothes ( except for the ones u dont like )

    bliss~Up until seven months ago, I had all the nonmember items. Then I quit and am really behind now. Dizzywood was closed down. And as I said before, I quit a while ago but I am back now!

    • Honey and the bee is also one of my favourites! I also really like gold,im coming after you, deer in the headlights. Oh and yatcht club! Because LIGHTS is in it 🙂
      Owl City and LIGHTS should really collaborate more! Have you heard cactus in the valley acoustic? They sounded AMAZING together!!!<3

      bliss~I’ve heard all their (both Adam and Lights’) music. Cactus In The Valley is one of my all-time favorite songs!

  2. Hi!!! Haven’t been in your blog since you quit…. Can you make a Trade N Sell page here please? 🙂

    bliss~I will!

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