Glitches & Secrets

How to Fly in Fantage

Go to Creature Arena(make sure you have a creature). Enter. Now go to where you want to fly. Go to your Inventory. Click “Tab” until the yellow square is over the “y” in “inventory”. Click “Enter”. Now go back inside your Inventory and change your clothes. Exit out and you should be able to fly. :]

“Thats One Crazy Monkey” Messenger

Open your Instant Messenger and write “Thats One Crazy Monkey”. A crazy monkey will show up!

Beach Coconuts Secret

Go to the Beach. Click the coconuts on the tree to the left.

Fly in Sunblock Secret

Go to he Sunblock @ the beach. Enter the second DNA pod, close it, then click any green section above the pod. You will be lifted up and you can now move around. If you go down you will have to go back in the DNA pod

Night at the Forest Secret

You can make it be “night time” at the Forest AND move the little blue spheres around. Click the sun and drag the blue spheres.

EDIT: You can’t make it nighttime anymore.

Spotlights at the Creature Shop

Go to the Creature Shop and click the lightbulbs(4)

Serve Coffee at the Cafe

Go to the Cafe, and click the glowing green button on the coffee maker. Or anywhere on the coffeemaker or the single cup that is already on the counter.

Coffee cups should appear on the counter for each click. More clicks more coffee! That is until you run out and have to start over.

Lights on at Star Cafe

Get into the Window at the Creature Shop

Enter by going through the brown stick to the right of the Exit. Or closing the Exit door and going through it.

How To Get In The Star Cafe Window

1. Go to the Creature Arena
2. Go to Star Cafe
3. Open your Inventory
4. Press [tab] until there is a yellow box “MY” OR “INVEN”
5. Exit out of the comet
6.Press enter
7. Open your Inventory
8. Exit your Inventory
9. Click the window of Star Cafe

Thanks, Ashley!

Make the Fire Hydrant Spew

Go to the Carnival and find fire hydrant. Click on its knob.

How To Get On The Stage During A Fashion Show

1) Host a fashion show
2) Make the screen big
3) Click the top right corner of the contestants’ stage by the judges desk
4) Then click the light blue bottom left corner of the scoreboard
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 two times
6) Make the screen small
7) Repeat step five
8) Make the screen big
9) Click the contestants’ stage

Thanks, ashley!

How to IM in a Fashion Show

1. Go to Top Models

2.  Open up your Instant Messenger

3. Enter a Fashion Show or Host one.

4. It should stay up unless you change clothes.

Thanks, teamtiger1!


393 thoughts on “Glitches & Secrets

  1. i got a cheat that happened to me its titled/ called HOW TO GET NAKED ON FANTAGE! 1 you got to wear the fethars wings on you the the oultfit then its on the next to your board and DUN DUN DUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR NAKED!

  2. to chat on fashion show whilst posing or when the chat bar isnt up, simply press enter, enter your text then…………….

  3. I have a glitch, it’s where you get to go to the Oasis in Fantage! This is how you do it!!
    So first you go to the Carnival, then you go to the game Card Quest, then after you went to Card Quest you hit Deck Builder, and then when you get to Deck Builder go up to the very top left hand corner and click Play Card Quest, and then once you click it you exit the thing that just popped up and then you are at the Oasis! And then if you go over and click on the Plane you end up at the Dock!!

  4. And I also have another glitch where it takes you to the Secret Forest ( That’s at least what I call it )! So what you do is you go to the Enchanted Grotto, and then you see the River and it has candles by it, the tree has the same shape as the candles, so you click the candles with the shapes on them as the same order on the tree, and then click the boat and then you end up at the Secret Forest! And you do a lot of fun activity’s there!!!

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