How to Become a Reporter

You have to go way at the top of your Map to the Ice Mountain thing(not the waterbottle :P)

Click the TEST podium-thing. And answer all the questions with like “yes, i’ll try my best” “only interesting stuff” bla bla bla.

After you pass the test with an “A+”. You can now enter the Comet, and Co. Reporters only place.

Then you can click either only the Camera Icon(nonmembers) or the Camera Icon and Item if you’re a premium member.

After that you can look at the day’s assigned Topics to take pictures of. Just click the camera (top-left next to Guide) to take a picture then write a description.


20 thoughts on “How to Become a Reporter

  1. but how do you be a member

    bliss~Premium member? You buy it. You can see how to from the Fantage homepage or by logging in and trying to buy a premium item.

  2. Why cant you have trackers for like pinkstardust or civic_princess?

    bliss~Because I don’t care about them. 1. That’s creepy. 2. Isn’t that a Club Penguin thing? 3. I have no idea what/how trackers are/work.

  3. hi bliss can you tell how you get these pictures and post these to your blog?

    bliss~You take a screenshot, crop & save it, then upload to a post/page.

  4. need help im new to fantage and i want to become a reporter i took the test and everything and i went in the mt fantage thingy and then i clicked on the camera i got it i clicked on camera icon i took picture but i cant buy the actually camera why is it for mems only?

    bliss~Fantage needs to make a profit to stay alive. Premium membership and eCoins is how they manage to get income.

  5. Owww I wish I was a reporter…… I’m not a member or first day of 50 days to be a reporter… wWell some people hav bad days……IDK WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT?well can u help me??????pwease???

    bliss~You just have to have been on Fantage for at least a month.

  6. bliss! i love ur page but when u get on fantage if u have to pay for a membership than why do u get free stars as a mem?

    bliss~To make you want premium membership. You pay for the membership with real money, and Fantage gives you online money to further make it more desirable. So they can get your money:P

  7. I have take the reporter test like three times and all my answers are right but they keep on saying , sorry you have to take the test again. Help me, what should i do ?

    bliss~Are you at least 30 days old? Try contacting Fantage about it.

  8. This isnt a really big help for me, but i aprreciate it because now i can tell my friend about this website because she’s new to Fantage. And i don’t have to explain it, which takes about 10-20 minutes. Thanks Bliss!!

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