Levels & Medals

Levels are how long  or how good you are at a certain medal. You gain a level everytime you gain experience in a medal. Not all levels and medals will show up if you are a non-member.

How to Boost Your Level

There’s the Veteran Medal so just keep playing in Fantage and every month you’ll gain a level.

Participate in Events and Parties(4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year)

Host and model in Top Models*

Play games*

Invite-A-Friend medal – friends(they will have to go on Fantage for at least 1 hour)

Pet Collector and Pet Trainer – Collect pets(limited for non-members ‘cept w/ e-coins)

Complete missions* – only Who Broke Top Models? for non-members (page walkthrough here)

Collect and give stickers*

Whack piñatas*

Report for Comic, inc.

Sign in everyday at Pet School

Do the miniquests.

During events, complete the stampbook. ~Sometimes non-members get the levels, too.~

Donate stars. (Haiti, Japan, etc.)

*means the levels and medals will not show up if you are a non-member


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