Fantage Pets

I am going to list all the Fantage Pets with their family. But first:

How to get a Pet:

  1. Go to Pet Town
  2. Go to the Pet Store
  3. Click “Shop”(right button)
  4. Open catalog up and click the barn picture
  5. Click the Starter Egg
  6. *Or if a member click any egg you want*
  7. Go home
  8. Click the barn
  9. Click the lamp or heater
  10. Click egg and adjust settings
  11. After that wait about a day till your egg hatches

Pet Families

Faries Family and Trophy

Cosmos Family

Pebbles Family

I gave up on this page. Sorry. If you have any ideas about other pets information that could go here, do share!


93 thoughts on “Fantage Pets

  1. what is one cheat of how you can get a third non member pet and how? bliss could you tell me one way

    bliss~Sorry, the only way to get more than two pets while being a non-member is to buy them using eCoins. Like a magic code.

  2. I’m just wondering this, Bliss, but are there any other pets you can get on Fantage if you’re a non-member, besides those pets from the Pebbles family: Jimbo, and Mumbo? Without the Magic Codes?

  3. um, all the pebbles r actually non member pets as long as you buy them while you r a member.
    Bliss please reply, r u like busy these days? R u in high school? Do you care, (lol i don’t even know whats thats supposed to mean)?I am in grade 7 and 2/4, does that sound wierd. Am i wierd. I DO get bored sometimes in this site, becuz most stuff here is what we already know, but ur awesome, hope u read this and get a life. (OMG, sorry, i totally didn’t mean that. My sister typed it in, and i’m so sorry im not erasing it.) r u mad at me rite now? I like happy people, just so u know xD

    Plz reply, sorry for over-sized post. xD

  4. For some reason every time I try to click on the Starter Egg it keeps saying Hatch other eggs to unlock this egg. What does that mean? Please answer. Thanks!

    bliss~Maybe it’s a glitch? If it’s the starter egg it should be the first one…

  5. if u want to get pets i got 2 of them and……………..
    go to pet town then click on that thing click on ur pet u rock that when u got as free gift from ur pet i got jibmo and mimbo

    i wish i got wiwbo D=

  6. how do you get the premium eggs???when i try to hatch more non premium eggs,the cat always says “you already hatch both eggs that are non-premium eggs”why cant i have other starter eggs???please answer!!(add me please : bunnygirl82)

  7. bliss plz answer this! I just need to get the frostie family and the other one and the holiday family but anyway I bought the five eggs for the frosty family and I went to my barn and guess wht it said these eggs are locked but I got all the other pets I just don’t know what to do plz answer

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