Fantage History

Fantage is short for/a mash-up of the words Fantastic and Age.

Fantage History in short

Co-owners Peter Bae and David Hwang wanted to make an educational online game. Well, they ditched that idea and made a fun, virtual world. They first made Fantage in 2007, with a lot of problems and kept trying to improve it. They launched the beta version in 2008. Kids like it and went on it. Fantage has about 20 staff members and is operated in New Jersey.

Fantage is not a Japanese company though I think I read somewhere that there are two versions. The American and the Japanese. So it is around in Japanese. If you join the japanese version everything is free.

There is also a Fantage Europe. It’s…Fantage in Europe.


67 thoughts on “Fantage History

  1. Hello everyone! I have TWO, not one, but TWO accounts to give! No e-mails, no PMs, nothing! I am gonna give it right now! U: Lia2015 G:Girl P: nothing1. Member? No. Now for the other one! U: Desmond5464 G:Boy P: 5464de. Member? No. [Legend:G means GENDER, P means not PEE but PASSWORD and U means USERNAME. Well, I shouldn’t of write the legend. How stupid of me! ] Oh, and P.S, IF YOU DUMB PEOPLE BAN THEM I WILL HACK YOU. So, I WARNED YOU!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey bliss. I REALLY HATE the Trade n sell store in Fantage. Why? Well, people who are selling stuff there are so GREEDY! Like, example, I was trying to buy a yellow sports car and I clicked the photo of it and something happened. 900,000 STARS FOR A YELLOW SPORTS CAR. That is just so unfair! And, don’t forget to reply me, bliss. And I wonder where did you get the word BLISS. From Pokémon from Blissey, or etc… Well, bye bliss!

    • From eating a candy lol – Dove’s bliss. And fudgyswirl was from eating a Little Debbie snack… Hmm, I always name myself after chocolate snacks lol.

    • I hate trade n’ sell too! I got my bunk bed in my house from there! I love that bunk bed! And there was this red circular rug at the vintage store and know its gone! i wish they would have moved all their furniture to the the furniture shop!

  3. ””””””””””””””””””””””””

  4. Hey bliss! I just thought it would be really fun to meet u! i hope u think that too! We could become buddies if thats ok with you. if not we could just meet it would still be a great experience! write and answer my comment. if u want to meet give me details to when we should! ;D thank you bye

    bliss~If we’re both on the chatbox, we can meet up! Or one time Loutus and I had a Fantage meet-up. We’ll probably have another one, too.

  5. hi bliss, I really like you’re website. I just want to know one thing. Do you have any secret of leveling faster, than just playing games, earning medals, stickers and being a reporter?

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