I like to mess with Fantage so I make Re-pixelations just for fun. It’s when you zoom into a Screenshot of Fantage and change the color-schemes to alter the picture to however you want it to look like. I do these just for fun. Enjoy!


As you can tell, I don’t EVER completely re-pixel a pic. I only repixel like one thing or two. Idk I just get bored of doing that, and only like it when I’m beginning one.


41 thoughts on “Repixelations

  1. So I use your stuff on my site, and I say this is all blisswirl ideas.I leave slink to your site… posts when they ask questions I say ask bliss…..Just want to make sure I have permission……Lots of the ideas right mine so don’t worry!:)

    bliss~As long as you use a link and redirect back to my site it’s ok I think. It’d be better if you used your own material, though. That way you can show off what you know. ;D

  2. Are you a member? Because I see you wearing premium member stuff in the pictures :O

    bliss~It’s called editing(; Nope, I’m not. The only premium member things I have are a couple of moodies. That’s it.

  3. i’m really bad at this. take a look at the first and only one i’ve done so far… i dont really understand it. how can i show it to you?

    bliss~You can upload your pictures to photobucket and link me or copy the HTML code onto a comment.

  4. O:! COOL!!! Check out mine and tell me what you think please? I suck at it 😛

    bliss~Nice! Very simple, but you don’t want to do anything major if you’ve just started.

  5. how do u do repixelations? and does evryone else on fantage see it too? cuz it wuld b epic if they did plz respond soon i wanna do it myself sounds fun 🙂

    bliss~You can look up how to do it on YouTube because it’s hard to explain! And no, it’s like drawing on a picture. You can’t actually use it on Fantage.

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