hi, so this page is going to be full of graphics that i find on the internet

yes, yes i wouldNooooo!! jk beware… lollolyou know you’re jealous lollol, how many times has that happened?hopefully not barney…yeah, i think i just rocked your world lol, jkHA HA! don’t take mineserious skillyeah, she’s jealous too, lol jkPhotobucket

graphics are from

Life's Too Short

your cooler than the flip side of my pillow owl city lyrics Pictures, Images and Photos


42 thoughts on “Graphics

  1. my favorites:
    come to the dark side we have cookies
    i run with scissors
    UN happy meal
    i love school just not the learning part:)
    save the earth its the only planet with chocolate
    AND THE FINAL! The DISNEY one! yes, i WAS shocked to learn that he disney G sign WAS INDEED a G! hahahaha!!! my most favorite us firetruck!!! i will ask people that and they will automatically think *the f word* but NO, WHAT STRANGE mind do you have, person? the word is firetruck! hahahaha:D

  2. Hi! I was just wondering how u got the graphics on the page. Seriously, could you tell me how plz? I want to put some graphics from glitter-graphics onto my blog ( ) but I can’t! D: Plz help Thnx


    bliss~You copy the HTML text, then when you’re making a post you switch to the HTML tab(below the title) and paste. There ya go!

  3. I lUV the one with the penguin slapping the other penguin!!! I kept LOLing and my brother was right in front of me looking at me all like “What is wrong with you?”

    bliss~Lol. xD

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