Green Page

this page is made to remind u all to recycle!! it’s very important we have to take better care of this planet here are some graphics and pics to remind u to take better care of the earth it’s very important!! this page is also to remind u that not everyone is fortunate…like the animals-save the animals! i hope this page makes u feel different toward our surroundings and animals


animal testing is just as bad as animal abuse

animal testing is just as bad as  animal abuse

u might not know this but IAMS has been found with dogs and cats in the back where they tested the animals food the animals were in tiny barren cages and in bad health they had done HORRIBLE things to them in the labratories so if u EVER bought IAMS for ur dog or cat that food was “tested” on other poor creatures!! NEVER BUY IAMS AGAIN!! they say that they stopped but most people think they r still treating the animals poorly



make everyday earthday!!  :D

make everyday earthday!! 😀

also me and some of my buddies in dizzywood have been spreading the word about recycling, feel free to do it yourself!!  😀

o and also here’s a pic of greenday26, she is greeeen!



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