Happy Birthday

It’s not your birthday? You wish it was don’t you? So people could wish you a happy birthday and give you birthday presents? Yeah, that’s what this page is for! To remind all your friends when it’s your birthday so you don’t feel forgotten! Just comment below with your name, birth-month, birth-day, and birth-year(if you wish, birth- year is not necessary).


January: pinkstarbritney-1st, alphabat-3rd(10), ravenclaw_pop-6th(9), rimjhim-6th, winter-12th(14), sakura461-13th(13), lilsweethang-16th, Madelyn-17th(9), Ali♥-18th, April56120-19th,  Joselin2003-26th, musicrox5-27th(10), KittyKat-27th(11),  victoria-27th, Seyumi-31st(10)

February:grave digger-2nd,  enasksouth-9th, tanujaya102-10th(10)starcloud11-11th, eli123qwe-12th, coolwand122-12th, rosie_36-12th(13), glitters2335-13th(10), ♥~KK70014~♥-29th, Scary-30th(1)

March: slushiebear-12th, qutieanna-19th, slushipop1903-15th(11), prettymeme75-20th, lauren0411-20th, lisa-21st(11), yoshi362-29th, Art99-30th(13), jasmine303-30th

April: lisamisa1-2nd, peaceout4ever-2nd(9), haylie-7th(10), Rachel-9th(15), aprsept-15th(13), randomlydw-18th(13), pennypiecutie-20th(11), XOXHaveHopeXOX-22nd, talentzoeyd-27th, fantasy_faerie-30th(9)

May: cookiecake_moo-3rd, nikki_blondie_cupcake-3rd, chocovanilla-3rd, maple-5th(13),  smiley_miley-5th(12), nba-7th(13),  Haylie-14th, Ally-15th, rainbow292-16th,  jacob674-16th,nadine500-20th(12), strawberry-22nd, nina123nina-23rd,

June: tiana-1st, brittany56753-7th(9), elaine-10th, tanita98-11th, bliss-14th(15), mh2738mh-14th, alwayssweet_123-16th(12), J-rulz-20th(14),✰☮Ĵɛи143♫❤-20th, bladerunner22-22nd, Tinaellen-22nd, sparkles494-23rd, catlover-23rd(12), iluvcookies-29th(14)

July: awesome941-4th, Sydney-23rd(10), zahraahtisham-26th, Gold(21belle)-28th(12), mynamemyway-18th

August : sophia-7th(12), michistar20-9th(13), sparkle-11th(14), brittney-15th, lolilolipopgirl-15th(11), stars-15th(11), orangycat-16th(13), Anna-21st(14), Melody-27th,

September: fantagerock-1st, Sskyla-6th(10), dan92930ielle-6th, kiakia2-11th(11), therealzoezozo-12th(12), lysalyfantage-18(11), Starlight_Juliet-28th(12),cherry-10th(12), bethaole20-14th, Boreeddddddddddd-18th, ananf-29th

October: juliebeans1005-5th(11), loutus-6th(12), shannon-7th(13), julie-9th(13), tiffy_tiff_tiff-10th(9), amandapanda-12th, smantha-14th, lisa-14th, taylor-15th(13), kyndra18stars-18th, mojopie-24th(11), roo678-25th(12), 01sparkly-27th(13), ally7750-31st(11)

November – Happy birthday to these guys!:D

Christina0319-7th, edward-8th, eunice1236-28th(9), hello7563-20th(12), red_fan-30th

December: purpalkrayon-4th(14), cupcake8058-4th(12), winterochre911-5th(10),  jellybeensis-6th, candy-6th, maymay-6th, popper19-10th(10),  roseinia Nice-13th, isabella13120-13th, hannah-16th(10), sandyc5-16th, bbmycat-19th, emerald2412blue1-24th(13), valen101-25th, jema-27th

Key: Bold means they are authors on this blog. Italicized means they are a chat moderator.


274 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Plss don’t show my email and Hay it’s me XOX HavehopeXOX,no long seen you bliss!!!um I forgot my name is not XOXHAVEHOPEXOX it actually •Hayile❤1D• XOXHAVEHOPEXOX is my moshi monster an yahhh😉😉😉😉🎨🎨🎨🍭🍭🍭🍦🍦🍦🍪🍪🍪🍪🎵🎵🎵🎵

  2. Omg thx!!!! I found this but it’s close to my 10th bday now!!!! Lol

    bliss~This page is way outdated. I might just take the ages off to make it easier lol.

  3. Omg this is so cool! I gave my birthday a while ago and I just found it now 2 years later! I’m 11 turning 12 now 🙂

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