Owl City

Why? Cuz he’s awesome! x)

Owl City: Adam Young

Ahem, typo. ‘I bought a one way ticket…’

Ahem, ‘Boulevard’. Typo.
Totally me.
And I made this♥
owl city,sunburn,owl city sunburn,sunburn by owl city,owl city lyrics,owl city icon,adam youngPhotobucket

It’s a mild obsession. Lyrics page to come soooooon!


50 thoughts on “Owl City

  1. If you like owl city here is kinda a parody of it but not really
    its a guy lost in a store:

    lolz its so funny

    bliss~I LOVE DAVEDAYS. Lol I saw this video a looooong time back.

  2. Omg you like Owl City too! I can never find anyone who likes him, all I find are fan sites with like two subscribers that never come on.

    bliss~Owl City is epic(: Hootowls are rare. D:

  3. did u create these all with picnik? if not what site? cuz these are amazing ❤

    bliss~I didn’t make all of them, but the ones I did – yes.

  4. omg cool page!!! could u make one for Lights!!!?? ❤ That would be soo AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!

    bliss~I’d love to make one for Lights, but I’ll probably forget. x3

  5. i have a slight feeling someone has a “slight” obsession with owl city….mayb just a lil…LOL

    bliss~Whaaaat? Naahhh. x)

  6. um i don’t know what owl city is i know the the song firefly but WOE THE HECK IS OWL CITY?????:(

    bliss~An project created by Adam Young, Looknup more of him or his work if you’re really interested.

  7. OMG! I like love love love love love love love love love love love (and one million more “loves”) Owl City! He is like my idol. I thought he wasn’t really popular and that no one really cared about him or his songs. But, OMG, would you look at these comments! I really do love Owl City!

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