Owl City

Why? Cuz he’s awesome! x)

Owl City: Adam Young

Ahem, typo. ‘I bought a one way ticket…’

Ahem, ‘Boulevard’. Typo.
Totally me.
And I made this♥
owl city,sunburn,owl city sunburn,sunburn by owl city,owl city lyrics,owl city icon,adam youngPhotobucket

It’s a mild obsession. Lyrics page to come soooooon!


50 thoughts on “Owl City

  1. lol awesome new page ^^
    i liked the sunburn one you made, even though its not up here o.o
    bliss~Thanks. Lol I forgot to put it up here.
    owl city,sunburn,owl city sunburn,sunburn by owl city,owl city lyrics,owl city icon,adam young

  2. its new?

    I’ve never seen it before– still cool

    lol do u luv owl city?

    bliss~Lol yup. I made it like last week. Very much. It’s a slight obsession.

  3. yay owl city pages ! thx bliss ! ps i got a roller skate party comeing up and thay will play one of ur faorite song and i like all owl city so witch ones the best ???

    • All of them lol. Well since it’s a party you’re probably gonna want an upbeat one. Most of the songs are a little… *different* and people find them weird lol. So I suggest Fireflies since that one is a good one and people know it. Don’t fall c(;

  4. Wait,you made these? There amazing? If you did, want font did you use for Hello Seattle? :mrgreen:
    bliss~I made the Sunburn and Fireflies one directly under “I made these” and the Owl City Obsessed one in my sidebar :mrgreen: I didn’t make the Hello Seattle one but I’m pretty sure the font is King Cool KC.

  5. hey it went great i dident fall and every one loved the song exepts one thing some little kid tryed to hold my hand he dident make it im to fast
    bliss~Lol well that’s good. And of course. Who wouldn’t love Owl City? x)

  6. do you like waffles? (yea we like waffles) do you like pancakes? (yea we like pancakes) do you like french toast (yea we like french toast) do dodo do cant wait to get a mouth full ~! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! do dodo cant wait to get a mouth full ! ~ waffle song ~

    heres a contribute to crazy lines ~~~~~~~~~~~~`~~~`~~“~~

  7. thay make owl city clothing at hot topic and acessories its in most malls it looks very unfreandly cuz its dark

    bliss~Lol I know. Pac Sun and Hollister are darker. It’s like, May I get a flashlight?

  8. lol yea maybe thay dont want u to see the clothing or price tags ive seen a place called dealias thay were trying to rip me off cuz there tee shirts r like 25 bucks for bad material but the graphics r cool

    bliss~Rofl yeah, I went to that store when it first opened up.

  9. i love owl city !!!!!!!!!! im glad im not the only one i love the melody of there songs good melody

    bliss~You’re far from being the only one!(:

  10. Bliss your gonna kill me, but, the only song that Ive heard by Owl City is Fireflies but I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!

    bliss~SHAME knowing there’s a great song like Fireflies, but not searching up any other Owl City songs that are AMAZING.

  11. hi Bliss! well as you can see I made a website called theworldinside.com
    and its also a Fantage cheat website like yours. But sadly I dont have very much material for it yet, sooooo, would you mind it if I borrowed some of the material on your website? i PROMISE i will give you full credit on my website and get rid of it when i get more of my own material……… so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasee!!!!!!!

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