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21 thoughts on “pets

  1. when i was going to get another pet (i already had mumbo and jimbo) it said tht i needed to be a mem! i got so mad cuz i waisted my stars 😦
    lol i got all hyper after since i ate chocolate cookies and a peice of a chocolate bar.. i get hyper with chocolate! tht really calmed me down xD

  2. i wanted to level up so i started playing pet games…. my first pet got all the medals so thts good and i leveled up… but with my second pet, i played so many games but i didnt level up but i did get the medals!!! do you know what happened?

    bliss~That might be a glitch? I’m not sure. You get separate medals, right? I think it’s because you can only get one medal on your IDFone from training your pets. You don’t have two pet trainer medals, right?

  3. I wish you can get more pets. Two?! At least make a potion to not make them shy so nons can walk them. Ugh! I’m wishing for stuff again lol

    ~gemmie! Hehe

  4. How do you get a pebbles [Jimbo] outside? My computer won’t let me take him because it says “Pebbles are shy and don’t like to go outside”. How can I take him outside and feed him treats or food in generalgeneralgener

    bliss~You can’t take either Mumbo or Jimbo outside or walk them or feed them. It’s Fantage’s way of saying “PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP. BUY ECOINS. GIVE ME MONEY! Please.”

  5. It’s annoying that there are so many things closed off to non’s, but I don’t wanna become a member. Ever. Y’all, once your membership expires, all your stuff you got with stars that was premium “expires.” Soooo…Non members are awesome! 😀 No idea why I started talkin’ ’bout Fantage. Bliss, I…um, I can’t see your pet panda. 😦 It might be my computer; I seriously have no idea. Maybe my computer’s Flash Player is outdated? Ack!

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