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36 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. I love these quotes! They’e awesome!
    Here’s a REALLY well known one!
    “All the world is a stage” from William Shakespeare.
    It practically means that people don’t always know what they’re doing, they’re just improvising, so don’t always follow the lead of other people, improvise and live life happily!!!

  2. Bliss RULES !
    even if she’s a Non-Member !
    im a Member but i hang out with a-lot of people and of some people hate Bliss they will get pain back 😉

    P.S. bliss can i be a author on your Blog it would be a pleasure!!!!

    bliss~Sorry, I’m not looking for authors right now.

  3. I think you should put some more on because I really like them.And also I’m looking for good quotes that I can put in my Writing Assessment this week.Thank You 🙂

  4. my school was doing an anti drug week and we had to decorate our doors. my class decorated people and put them up with a quote speech bubble. quotes saved my person!i tried giving her a smile and a nose so she ended up looking like a clown, so I wrote lisa the clown on her shirt, wrote walk away from drugs , on the speech bubble , and had her ” walk away from drugs.”

  5. here a awesome and true quote “stop living within the limitations of what people think of you and dont look back”

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