There are 10 +shops in Fantage.(One has yet to be released, Vintage Classics)

Le Shop(The Shop)- Found in Downtown, here you can buy shirts, pants, dresses,shorts, skirts, shoes, sunglasses, and earrings.

Stellar Salon-Also in Downtown, here you can buy hairpieces and hair accessories.

Board Shop-Found Uptown, here you can buy skateboards, hoverboards, or whatever they are.

Jester’s Costumes-Also Uptown, here you can buy well, costumes!

IDFone Shop- Also Uptown, here you can buy accessories and templates for your IDFone, also stickers to give to friends or strangers.

Furniture Shop- Also Uptown(lol), here you can buy, well, furniture!

Sun Block- At the Beach, here you can buy eyes, and get a tan, or get paler!

Castle Realtors-Inside the Castle, here you can buy a home and get a new home theme.

Creature Shop-At the Creature Area, here you can buy a “creature” so you can enter the Creature Arena.

Pet Shop-Located in Pet Town, this is a recent new place. Here you can buy pets, magic codes, and a barn.

Vintage Classics-Not out yet but there you can buy old, expired items from 2008. Vintage is the new New.

2012 Update

Super Power Shop – Can be found Downtown and here you can buy power ups such as keys, costumes, health, time, and accessories to help you in Secret Adventure (game).

Oasis Bazaar – It’s in the upper-left corner of the Fantage map. It’s kind of like Vintage Classics. You can buy old event items here.


Vending Machines

Gems – you can find vending machines for gems at Downtown, Uptown, Beach, and Wizard’s Domain.

Moodies – you can find vending machines for moodies at the Beach, Uptown, and the Carnival.

x2 Coupons – You can buy these at the Carnival and Creature Area.


39 thoughts on “Shops

  1. LOL
    IT’S FUNNY! Now, (as you probibly know,), there isn’t a vintage shop! Now it’s called trade n’ sell shop you can trade and sell, thus the name, trade n’ sell shop. I miss vintage, BUT I LOVEEEEEEE TRADE N’ SELL! what they should replace is JESTERS COSTUME SHOP! Like who likes costumes now?!? Don’t you want to create your own style to be unque? Like seriosly! So yea, bliss! Can you tell me what server you normally go on and what time because I want to add you on my buddy list. I’m pups215! PLEASE RESPOND AS SOON AS YOU CAN! Love ya’ bliss! SO COOL! ( People, I have been notified on youtube that people think the channel pups215 is mine, WELL IT’S NOT!!! that’s all!)
    byeeee! ~posted at 11/17/12, 4:47

  2. by the way! it says posted on8:46 on top, BUT NO! ITS NOT! its posted on what l said it was posted on! that’s all!
    byeeee! ~posted on 11/17/12, 4:50, NOT ON TIME ON TOP OF COMMENT.

  3. plusssss! my name isn’t christy! (lol, it’s fake. my old friend gave pups215 to me a long time ago and now we both play it! I HOPE SHE KNOWS!!!)

  4. Heyz I REALLY MISS THE VINTGE SHOP!!!!! Like cant the Put the trade n sell in a diffrent Place!!!!!!!! Im So MAD!!!!!!! i wrote to the fantage Creaters more than 100 times saying they need to get back the vintage shop!!!! I have started a sign thingy on my blog saying we realyy need the vintage shop back I have more than700 signs! But i still want the trade n sell! Plz sign my Thingy is u really want the Vintage shop back!
    Peace # VintageShop;(

  5. I was really happy when there was Vintage Classics, I brought everything there! I wish it would still be here but suddenly the STUPID construction changed it to Trade n’ Sell what the crap! U just cant find another spot to make it fantage seriously?! Like yeah, u can make this new place which is near the lighthouse. WHY COULDN’T U JUST PUT TRADE N’ SELL THERE? God bloody crap but I hope one day, my dream would come back, I’ll just report fantage to get Vintage Classics back but I will tell them to keep Trade n’ sell but just move it somewhere else so that we can have Vintage Classics and trade n’ sell god damn my mother made me do homework so that I missed 7 events in fantage in 1 crappy year bullshit. Even I made this same page as Ttylxox246 on my blog and more than 700 people wanted Vintage Classics back!

    Peace # Vintage Shop


    • well you know what i missed more then 7 events in fantage in a year i almost missed all of the events and by the looking and what you guys are saying about the vintage classics shop i know what you mean i want it to come back too cuz i just started playing fantage so i want to see the vintage classics shop and maybe buy some stuff from it so fantage you can choose tear down trade n sell and replace it with the vintage classics shop or two other ways to do it tear down jesters costumes and replace that with vintage classics shop or move trade n sell somewhere else and put vintage classics shop where trade n sell was before you moved it

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