Sunken Treasure Mission

If you have any questions on a part of the mission, ask me(:

Go to the Mission Center. (Uptown>Right>Elevator)

Start the mission, Sunken Treasure.

Watch the show.

Click on Agent Scarlet.

– Got it! I’m on my way.

Go to the Lighthouse.


Go back to the mission center. (Uptown>to the right>Elevator)

Click Agent Scarlet.

– Let’s go after him!

– OK!

Talk to the scientist.[He’s on the right.]

– The submarine must be completed!

– Sure what do you need?

– hmm…

-Frosted glass?

Frosted glass is found where they snowboard… Mt. Fantage!


DOCKED… Oasis.



-I’ll bring it right away!

Go to Mt. Fantage>Go to Ski Camp. Click the round thing.

Go to the Oasis>Click the aeroplane(It’ll take you to the Dock, thanks blade)>Click the orange thing.

Now go Uptown and into Jester’s Costumes.

Click the silver thing.

Go back to the mission center. (Uptown>to the right>Elevator)

Talk to the scientist.

– Ok!

– After Dr. Finkelstein!

Follow these guidelines/surroundings:

Go past the STRINGY GRASS. It’s light green, and looks like it’s blocking the path.

Get this right or you have to do it over :/


Captain Cody will save you.



16 thoughts on “Sunken Treasure Mission

  1. is there a cheat that can help me escape the cave? i have tried a lot of times and i can’t do it can you do it for me?

    bliss~No, there is no cheat. Yes, I could do it for you but I can’t right now as I am going offline.

  2. Thanks Couldn’t have done it without you!!!!! friend me on fantage! Carolinepanda2, friend samb78, and artimis348

    bliss~Alright, if you see me!

  3. Hey, I want to correct something. While you’re getting the submarine parts, you wrote that the propeller is at the Oasis instead of the Dock..

    bliss~ I think of them as being the same thing. Thanks, though. I’ll fix it.

  4. Bliss thx for everything else but ur directions dont match to what i hav in the submarine. idk y but ill just try again later……………………i mean the path doesnt lead where u r …………….. ?

  5. Wow, Bliss, this web page/website is AWESOME! Could u please make one blog for me? If u can thanks. And did u ask ur parents before making this blog? I just wanted to ask if u could make one, its fine if u can’t becuz I already got a blog: http://FantageCheats but I want more BLOGZZ!!!!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ 3<

    bliss~Why do you want more blogs? One is suffice. And nope, I didn’t ask for permission. It’s nothing bad or a big deal so why should I ask…?

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