The Strange Visitor Mission

This is the second Mission in Fantage.

Go to the Missions center(Uptown, Pole) Click the missions tab at the topright.

Start the second mission. Now a little slide show starts. Now click on General Gopher.

Go to the Beach.

And sure enough a UFO and Alien are there. Click ze alien.

Start picking up the Big screws and alien…stuff.

Screw’s in front of the alien.

A bolt is behind the hammock.(Fat Garfield wouldn’t let me click…)

Screw near where the pier begins.

Bolt to the left of Sunblock.

Bolt in front of the Moodies vending machine.

Talk to the weeping Alien again.

Go back to the Mission Center and talk to General Gopher.

Talk to General Gopher.
Speak to the Scientist-Lady way to the right.

One part near the IDFone Shop.

One behind the Creature Arena.

One near the water-fall.

One near the tree with blue sparkly balls hanging.

One in the Castle’s highest tower.

One in the Roller Coaster.

Last piece farther back from the balloons near big balloons to the right.

Talk to the Alien again.

After you beat the game everyone will wave goodbye to the Alien and some credits will start. After that you get your Mission Badge!


23 thoughts on “The Strange Visitor Mission

  1. Wow! Thanks a lot I could barely find the last piece it was super hard! Thanks so much. I bookmarked this website for easy access.

  2. Thanks, but don’t you wish you could get the board thingy? It’s not fair, making us work hard and get nothing cool in return. All we get is a medal!

    bliss~I’d rather have a medal than a board x3 I only wear like 2 boards and medals you have them on you all the time. Unless it’s a premium one… then I’d like the board rofl.

  3. Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks, blisswirl! Hey all ya! Copy and paste the url below, please!It’s my blog. It sucks, but still!

    bliss~All blogs should be advertised on the Advertise Your Blog page. Sorry, but otherwise this blog would look like spam.

  4. thank you very much but i can`t help the alien build his spachip:(
    ps juairiyah is my fantage name.strange, but true;)

    bliss~Keep trying!(:

  5. lol thanks! whos fat garfield? is it the red head on the hammock?

    bliss~I made this post during the Pet Town event so the orange cat was holding a sign announcing Pet Town. No, it’s not the dude:P It was a fat cat so I called him Garfield:P

  6. Hi I’m Katy Perry and I thank you for helping me with this fan of mine that asked me about this mission on fantage anyway thx!!!!:)

    bliss~You’re welcome.

  7. I could not find the pieces anywhere. Lies…
    And theres no waterfall

    bliss~The mission might’ve gotten updated. Hm. Or the pieces are scrambled for everybody. Sorry if my walkthrough isn’t exact.

  8. it’s not letting me to talk to the alien everytime that i am trying to click th alien it lets me in to the boat behide it instead of the alien.

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