Don’t know your Server

Every forgotten your server? To tell your friends which one you’re on? Just go to your party invitations and read them it’ll tell you which server you’re in.

Fast Stars

Play Jelly Fishin’ and you’ll get 100-200 stars. Play Type Boo. Host a Fashion Show-model in a Fashion Show.*Use double-star coupons if you have them*

Gain levels Fast

Buy an egg and wait a day. You’ll have gained a pet trainer medal.+ sign into Pet School daily Also, play 100 games (and win) with each of your pets.

Get Free eCoins

Use You can also use the Fantage apps to download free apps and get rewarded with eCoins.

Have your own tips you’d like to share? Comment below with suggestions!


78 thoughts on “Tips

  1. I know more ways to get stars! You can play word up or stained glass. One time I got like 121 stars or something. It’s gets boring if you play it too much though LOL

    I LOVE YOUR BLOGGGGGGG xD sadly, my parents won’t lemme have a blog ):):):

    • that stinks i hav a blog but my parent sdont know well my mom kinda knows but she dont care its called but no one ever goes on it anyway 😦 u can look at it if u want

    • moshi monster is a really fun game!
      the only thing is that theres not enough monsters for u to choose,unlike fatage,lots of characters…

  2. Hey blisswirl. Um how did you make this blog because I want one just like it.

    bliss~You can’t copy me(; You can make yr own using a blogging host site. Ex: WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot, Wix, Webz, etc.

    • i think it is good but you should tell us how to get the ecoins and free membership please because i have been having hard times right now everyone is being mean to me on fantage and in the real world please help me i want to become a member and maybe just maybe i will become a little bit popular like you thank you if not its ok i will have to find something else to make me popular because fantage is totally in right now

  3. i want a blog too… but i nevr did ask my mom cuz i know she’d say no anyways how did ur mom or dad say wen u said tht u wanted a blog?

    bliss~I didn’t ask. Rofl. I don’t see why they would care. It’s nothing bad and I use it to help people(:

  4. Blis omg great tips the party invitations helped when i FREAKED OUT about not being able to be in the same server as my friend.. We r super close.. Couple close.. Hes my boyfriend close.. U GET THE IDEA rofl awkward

  5. If u have an ipod download the game super goKart by fantage (its free !) ad play it u get alot of stars easily! Then u can transfer it intO ur acc

  6. I like free ecoins, but there is not lots of offers at fantagearcade, there is always 3 or 4 offers.

    PS. I like your blog!

    bliss~Fantage wants you to buy them, that’s why. And thank you!(:

    • so fantage owns fantagearcade? Ooooh umm yeah do they

      bliss~Yes. Otherwise they’d be in serious trouble considering they have Fantage in the URL.

  7. Hmm the find out what server ur on doesnt always work cuz sometimes people dont host parties TnT plz dont think im being mean by saying this!

  8. their is another way to leval up and it really works and so easy to do but only works for mems
    1. click on any fantagiar on fantage.
    2. click the stickers of that fantager.
    3. click add stickers if he\she has space for more stickers.
    4 give him\her any sticker.
    5 close and u will level up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if u are worried about your stickers to finish u can get more from parties and click a goody bag

    hope i helped

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