Kawaii’s A Mermaid Event Help


Gathering Gems

Talk to Orion at Downtown or Uptown to get this activity started.


Where do sick ships go? Dock!

What has a port but no harbor? … Cruise Ship!

Self-Contained, Underwater, Breathing Apparatus Underwater at the Island! *You’ll need to wear the scuba suit to get this gem.

Always turning, never looks… Lighthouse [on top]




You can buy the underwater costumes at High Tide and underwater (first go to the Island, then click the tube – it’ll take you underwater) The seahorse costumes can also be bought simply Uptown/Downtown.


~bliss Post will be updated! Just wanted to get this information up first(:


Summer Camp-Out Ghost Tales Event Guide

The event has been released! Ok so here’s all you can do:

Ghost Hunt Cheats

cluenumberone  cluenumebrtwocluenumberthree

ghosthuntSo we’re gonna have to wait until night to be able to find the ghosts! Or maybe make it night?

Go to the lake and keep going to the right. All the way until you see the campsight. Click on the haunted tent to watch a movie and get your last prize!


Limited Items

In the meantime, you can stock up on limited ghost-y items!


Spooky Theme

OR, go model the new spooooky themes!


I wanted to try it out but I always get the Fantage bots and can never host a fashion show with more than 4 people ahhh.

Summer Camp Badges

Too bad these came out like a week after we’ve already done this… Time to redo everything.


~bliss Post will be updated! More to come(: Just wanted to get these clues out there before the other stuff lol.