Kawaii’s A Mermaid Event Help


Gathering Gems

Talk to Orion at Downtown or Uptown to get this activity started.


Where do sick ships go? Dock!

What has a port but no harbor? … Cruise Ship!

Self-Contained, Underwater, Breathing Apparatus Underwater at the Island! *You’ll need to wear the scuba suit to get this gem.

Always turning, never looks… Lighthouse [on top]




You can buy the underwater costumes at High Tide and underwater (first go to the Island, then click the tube – it’ll take you underwater) The seahorse costumes can also be bought simply Uptown/Downtown.


~bliss Post will be updated! Just wanted to get this information up first(:


New Boards and Level-Unlocked Items!

I like this :mrgreen:

Go Downtown and click the tiny little booth thing that says Level Unlocked or something.

Fantage, are you sure about this? You’re giving us AWESOME MEDIEVAL STUFF. I didn’t know you could be this cool.

I got everything πŸ˜€ well available to non-members. Gosh I could’ve gotten two more things but nooo. I think awesome nons should be able to get them lol. I mean, we worked hard for all these levels and we don’t get rewarded much :/

New Boards! … and new costumes? I think.

Fantage likes ’em thick now, huh?

All I really care for is the medal :mrgreen: