Fantage Rock N’ School Event

Here’s what you can do!😀

Here are the new limited items:

Members/ people with lots of eCoins can buy school uniforms too!😛

The second one looks very Sailor Moon-ey.

The scavenger hunt locations are different for everyone.

Some locations:

Fantage School, Mt. Fantage, Pet Town, Lighthouse, Uptown, Downtown, Castle,

Here’s what you’ll get if you find everything!😀

Click on the sign to play Bottle Caps.

The instructions are pretty clear.😉

You’ll get 1 star for each number you reach.

The bus arrives in Downtown/Uptown every 3 minutes.

Samples (NOTE – they are randomized.):

The United States is below Canada. True.

A father pig is a Buck. False.

Helium is what makes balloons float. True.

Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump. True.

If you answer all of them correctly, you’ll get 30 stars and you’ll be dropped off outside of the Fantage School.

Fantage released a new game!😛

Click on the pose that matches the one shown on the chalkboard only if the teacher says “Simon says…”

Premium members will get more stars than nonmembers.

BTW, I made a deviantART account last week. You can check it out here.:mrgreen:


Fantage Castle Adventure Event

If you log into Fantage, you can see that it’s gone medieval.

You’ll want to buy a Limited Item Dragon-Catching costume. You can buy these Uptown and at Downtown. 2,500 stars (or eCoins) for a costume. Every time you collect 10 dragons (of the same color as the robe you’re wearing), you’ll win a prize or stickers.

You can go the the new castle. It’s at the Forest. Wear a Premium Magical, Princess, or Knight costume to get a free prize. (It’ll be at the top of the Castle.)

Inside, there is a Main Room, a Terrace, and a Riddle Room.

If you go to the Riddle Room, you have to try and get to the King and Queen. You’ll have to go behind the columns when the statues are blowing. Right after they’re done, go hide behind the next columns. Keep doing this until you get to the far end of the room.

You can get up to two prizes.

Non-members will be able to get this:


How to Play Jelly Shuffle on Fantage

At first I didn’t get this game, now that I know how it works I thought it might be helpful to explain it to you guys! ^_^

Ok so you can play Jelly Shuffle on the boat, Sea Breeze. You can find it on the map.

What you have to do is try to get jellies to land in the numbered areas. The numbers mean how many points you’ll get. The more points you earn, the better.

First, decide where you want your jelly to start. Pay attention to the wind direction! This could help/harm you.

Secondly, click your screen and pull the leather belt that holds your jelly as far back as you can. The further back, the more power.

Thirdly, the meter at the left will start going. Try to click when the bar hits the green. The greener, the better.

Your jelly will slide on the board.

Remember, try to get it as far back as you can. There are areas in which you can score 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 points. Be careful, though. If you go too far back, you’ll get squished and won’t get any points.

To win you’ll need to win two rounds.

However many points you earn is however many stars you get! So go get sliding(;

Good luck!


P.S. This game isn’t too bad… I mean I got frustrated at first because I didn’t get it. xD But after learning how to play it, I kept playing. I think Fantage might keep it like at Pet Town. I’m not sure, though.

Fantage Fireworks Carnival 2012 Cheats

You can click Gizmo (Uptown/Downtown) to view the movie.

Cyclone Cheats

You need to try to stop the lights by pressing the red button. Estimate when the lights will reach the big lights.

You’ll win stars and tickets.

Star Booth

Press the red button to start. Then try to grab the moving stars. The blue ones are worth extra points!

You’ll win stars and tickets based on how many/which type of stars you earned.

Ticket Stacker

You have to try and stack the tickets and get all the way to the top. So like the opposite of Tetris:P The tickets will start moving left and right, you’ll have to try and stop them with the red button. Try to stack them up all the way!

Bottle Knockdown

Use the red button to aim at the pins. Then click the red button again once the arrow is charged.

You’ll win tickets.

Ring The Bell

Try to click the red button when the purple balls are at MAX. Like this:

You’ll win tickets.

You can redeem your prizes at the ticket booth in exchange for tickets.

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