Fantage is selling out.

What the title says. ^^

Fantage now has ads. You get them if you’re randomly going to someplace. During the loading screen, an ad will come up. Not all the time,  though. This has only happened to me once. But nevertheless, it happened.

These ads aren’t too bad, though. They mean that there’s one more way to get eCoins.

How to Get Free eCoins in Fantage

Go to your IDFone and click “earn 20 eCoins”. (This won’t always work, sometimes ads aren’t available.)

You should be taken to what looks like the loading screen. A video ad will show up and you’ll have to watch it. Afterwards, click the green button on the bottom-right to redeem your eCoins. Ta-da!

Also, Fantage is getting a little excited now. It’s like the workers had a brainstorm and want to overload Fantage with events. Chiillll. The Blackout event starts tomorrow. Two events in a row. It better be easy ’cause I don’t want to have to post four scavenger hunts again. x3

You guys are awesome. And you talk a lot. xD Sorry if I don’t respond to your comments. This might be why…



But seriously. Thank you guys so much!

300k was my goal for before summer. And I reached it a bit after summer started. I did the math and calculated that I reached my goal on June 22nd. So thank you for visiting! My next goal is 400,000. I’m in no hurry to get there, though. 300k is awesome:D


Picture Contest – Prize: Free eCoins

It’s been a while since I held a contest and I finally thought of one!(: The reward will be eCoins. Everyone who participates will win eCoins. Cool with you?(;

This contest will be a picture contest! As in, it will include you taking a picture in Fantage following these guidelines:

  • Must be Halloween-themed.
  • Must include yourself.
  • Must be somewhere in Fantage.
  • Must be random/humorous.
  • Your name must be on the picture if your username does not show. (Use Paint, Picnik, Photobucket, etc.)
  • Be original.
  • Only enter once.
  • If only one person enters, they will automatically win. If no one enters (aw) I shall keep the eCoins for myself. Muahaha.
  • You must be comfortable with giving me your username/pass. Without them I can’t give you the eCoins/stars.
  • Picture must be e-mailed to
  • If I think of any other rules, I’ll add them.

Halloween-themed? Must include myself? In Fantage?

As in, your picture should have something to do with Halloween and you should be in the picture. This should be taken somewhere in Fantage. Whether it be a secret area, your home, Downtown, or anywhere! [in Fantage]

Random/humorous? Be original?

Just have fun with it(:

What do you mean by my name must be on the picture?

Only worry about this if your username gets covered up by one of Fantage’s random decorations/cut off from the screen. You can use a text editor such as Paint(easiest), Picnik, Photobucket, or any other application that lets you put your name on photos.

I can only enter once? Aww.

Yes, I’m sorry but it’s only fair.


All participants will recieve around 30/40 eCoins. Just enough to thank you for participating(:

First-prize winner will receive around 100 eCoins, 3 rare stickers, 1000 stars, and a spot in the Winners page.

Winner will be chosen through a poll. Person with the most votes wins.

This is kind of like a thank you for over 100,000 hits:D