New Items at the Oasis Bazaar!

First of all, Fantage has updated their homescreen. I personally think there’s way too much going on. -.-‘ M is back! And my password is so long it gets cut off. xD SECURITY.

Past Halloween items have been brought back and are available for premium members/can be bought with eCoins.


Also hair; a creepy skull mask. Very appealing.

New arrivals at IDFone, Vintage Classics, and Jester’s Costumes, also.

Aaaand there’s an eCoins sale going on.

Phew, that’s a lot to take in.


BTW. Stay tuned in to this blog, a new contest is coming! Prizes: Free eCoins(;


Fantage Trick or Treat Riddles

Fantage Trick or Treat Riddles and some Answers

Ok so every other day you can visit shops and “trick or treat” to get a pumpkin shirt, member costumes, and rare stickers.

A cat lady at Le Shop.

Riddle: What do you do when you go trick-or-treating?

Answer: Ring a Doorbell

An orb lady at Stellar Salon.

Riddle: What’s another name for a magical person?

Answer: Spellbinder

A phantom at Loco Boardz.

Riddle: What are zombies?

Answer: Undead

A christmas? phantom at Jester’s Costumes.

Riddle: In what month is Halloween?

Answer: October

A phantom at IDFone Shop.

Riddle: What do skeletons say before they eat?

Answer: Bone appetit!

An orange phantom at Furniture(wow no fancy name).

Riddle: Which of these does a skeleton lack?

Answer: Guts

An orb lady at Sun Block.

Riddle: What do you call a skeleton who won’t work?

Answer: Lazy bones

The first time you will be able to get a pumpkin shirt. You should get a rare sticker after that.

Keep playing for more stickers! Here are more riddles:

Riddle: What do you see most during Halloween?

Answer: Pumpkins

Riddle: Where can you buy a pumpkin?

Answer: The pumpkin patch

Riddle: What part of the house do ghosts love to haunt?

Answer: The attic

Riddle: What instrument do skeletons play?

Answer: Trom-bone(lol i ❤ cheesy jokes/puns)

Riddle: Beware of this animal crossing your path on Halloween (superstitious much?)

Answer: Black cat

Another sticker!

Riddle: What’s a mummy’s favorite type of music?

Answer: Wrap

Riddle: Which of these is BOTH animal and human?

Answer: Werewolf

Riddle: What is another name for a wizard?

Answer: Sorcerer

Riddle: Sorcerer with a sweet tooth does this.

Answer: Eat Halloween candy

Riddle: How can you spot a mummy?

Answer: He’s under the bed.

Riddle: What does a witch use to learn magic?

Answer: A spell book

Riddle: What is a ghost’s favorite catchphrase?


Riddle: What do vampires like to drink?

Answer: Blood

Riddle: Some witches have these ghoulish bumps

Answer: Warts

Riddle: Where to zombies like to hang out?

Answer: In the graveyard (another that would work is on a rope[if they were hanged o.o])

Riddle: What newspaper would a zombie read?

Answer: The Undead Gazette

Riddle: How does a witch perform magic?

Answer: Casting spells

Riddle: True or False: Pumpkins come in only ONE  color

Answer: False


NOTE: If you do not get an answer right the first time, don’t worry you can try again until you get the right answer:) Just click the phantom/person again and you’ll be able to answer again. The riddles I put up are all correct, so if you use the ones posted you’ll be right.