New Items at the Oasis Bazaar!

First of all, Fantage has updated their homescreen. I personally think there’s way too much going on. -.-‘ M is back! And my password is so long it gets cut off. xD SECURITY.

Past Halloween items have been brought back and are available for premium members/can be bought with eCoins.


Also hair; a creepy skull mask. Very appealing.

New arrivals at IDFone, Vintage Classics, and Jester’s Costumes, also.

Aaaand there’s an eCoins sale going on.

Phew, that’s a lot to take in.


BTW. Stay tuned in to this blog, a new contest is coming! Prizes: Free eCoins(;

Fantage Trick or Treat Riddles

Fantage Trick or Treat Riddles and some Answers

Ok so every other day you can visit shops and “trick or treat” to get a pumpkin shirt, member costumes, and rare stickers.

A cat lady at Le Shop.

Riddle: What do you do when you go trick-or-treating?

Answer: Ring a Doorbell

An orb lady at Stellar Salon.

Riddle: What’s another name for a magical person?

Answer: Spellbinder

A phantom at Loco Boardz.

Riddle: What are zombies?

Answer: Undead

A christmas? phantom at Jester’s Costumes.

Riddle: In what month is Halloween?

Answer: October

A phantom at IDFone Shop.

Riddle: What do skeletons say before they eat?

Answer: Bone appetit!

An orange phantom at Furniture(wow no fancy name).

Riddle: Which of these does a skeleton lack?

Answer: Guts

An orb lady at Sun Block.

Riddle: What do you call a skeleton who won’t work?

Answer: Lazy bones

The first time you will be able to get a pumpkin shirt. You should get a rare sticker after that.

Keep playing for more stickers! Here are more riddles:

Riddle: What do you see most during Halloween?

Answer: Pumpkins

Riddle: Where can you buy a pumpkin?

Answer: The pumpkin patch

Riddle: What part of the house do ghosts love to haunt?

Answer: The attic

Riddle: What instrument do skeletons play?

Answer: Trom-bone(lol i❤ cheesy jokes/puns)

Riddle: Beware of this animal crossing your path on Halloween (superstitious much?)

Answer: Black cat

Another sticker!

Riddle: What’s a mummy’s favorite type of music?

Answer: Wrap

Riddle: Which of these is BOTH animal and human?

Answer: Werewolf

Riddle: What is another name for a wizard?

Answer: Sorcerer

Riddle: Sorcerer with a sweet tooth does this.

Answer: Eat Halloween candy

Riddle: How can you spot a mummy?

Answer: He’s under the bed.

Riddle: What does a witch use to learn magic?

Answer: A spell book

Riddle: What is a ghost’s favorite catchphrase?


Riddle: What do vampires like to drink?

Answer: Blood

Riddle: Some witches have these ghoulish bumps

Answer: Warts

Riddle: Where to zombies like to hang out?

Answer: In the graveyard (another that would work is on a rope[if they were hanged o.o])

Riddle: What newspaper would a zombie read?

Answer: The Undead Gazette

Riddle: How does a witch perform magic?

Answer: Casting spells

Riddle: True or False: Pumpkins come in only ONE  color

Answer: False


NOTE: If you do not get an answer right the first time, don’t worry you can try again until you get the right answer:) Just click the phantom/person again and you’ll be able to answer again. The riddles I put up are all correct, so if you use the ones posted you’ll be right.

Halloween Party Info

Ok here’s some information from the Comet.

Isn’t the Costume Battle like the Color Battle thing?

If you need help on the Halloween missions/games I’ll be posting them.


Oh do you guys wanna know something I did today? Well ok so I was taking this Science test. We were given a diagram of the solar system and were asked a question. No Pluto. So what I did was do a little dot and put an arrow and the word “Pluto”. xD Lol remember when Pluto was a planet? Ahh those were the days. Remember the H1N1 flu? Remember the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? Or Billy Mays?*sigh* I’ll miss him yelling at me to “GET OXY CLEAN”



Halloween Party! Coming.

Happy Halloween! Next week..on Fantage.

there’s a dagger o.o

I like the ghost people to the right. They look cool and the moodies look huge.

What I would give for a cloak like that… does anyone still wear cloaks?? If i ever saw one, I would so buy it.