I got over 3,000 views in one day. One day. One. Day. ONE. DAY. Asdfghjkl;’.

Just. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I know my busiest days are on Fantage events but 3,000+ views? That’s crazy! I normally get 300-700 views per day. Thank you so much anyone and everyone who visited!:D

I now have over 220,000 blog views. This is amazing. I’ve always wanted my blog to get big since I started blogging but didn’t think it would get this popular. Just ohmygosh thank you so much!

Also, I’ve gotten over 100 blog followers. Thanks!

I’ve made this blog banner and it would help me out if you guys used it(:

blissswirl's fantage cheats

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My goal is to get 300,000 views sometime this year. Maybe before summer? Hmmm…

Thank you guys so much for visiting, commenting, advertising, and even for just looking at this post.



Fantage Springtime Event Cheats Part 2

You can now watch the ending movie, get the free gift, and do the last three mini-games.

Free Gift: A Flower Accessory

Mini-Game 4: Spring Away! Cheats

Use your number keys to move. You can only move along the red line. You need to trap your enemies. If you want to trap your enemies (the black-suited people and bees) hold down the space bar and surround them with it. Once they’re trapped they’ll disappear with the dirt.

Mini-Game 5: Flower Picking! Cheats

Move your scientist avatar with your mouse. Try to get the flowers and avoid the rocks/bugs. It’s like a maze and you need to get a certain amount of flowers. Once you have them all, you can go to the flower-filled basket and move onto the next level.

Mini-Game 6: Gizmo’s Chase! Cheats

You have to rotate each of the pieces until the paths at either end of the screen connect. This is a bit tricky, but doable.

If you look at the Limited Items cart and at the new pet, Springy (who likes high light and warm heat), you get the Spring 2012 medal.

Which, of course, is for premium members only.

Happy Spring!


Spring into Fantage! Cheats

Mini Game 1: Spring Out! Cheats

It’s basicallly Doodle Jump. You just use your mouse to move it back and forth and try to land on the flower petals. The petals with the red spring give you an extra boost – go for those. AVOID: the bees and the purple things that go back and forth.

Mini Game 2: Run Spring Run! Cheats

You move the caterpillar with your number keys. Try to get the keys and AVOID the secret agents. If you go through the phone booth you’ll get a cape and will be practically invincible for a few seconds. Make a run for it!

Mini Game 3: Picture Hunt! Cheats

You basically find differences between two pictures. Easy. Keep looking!

Find clovers all over Fantage!




Pet Town

Mt. Fantage


Wizard’s Domain


Fantage School

Creature Area

Ottoman’s Furniture* Here’s where I found the four-leaf clover.

IDFone Shop

Vintage Classics

Jester’s Costumes

Loco Boardz

Star Cafe

Super Power Shop

Le Shop

Stellar Salon

Top Models, Inc.

You get 100 stars. (Plus, if you found the fourleaf clover an accessory.)


Spring into Fantage!

Spring/St.Patrick’s Day Event is coming! Looks like it’s going to be a scavenger hunt. Worry not, I’ll help(:

Five bucks says it’s going to be a scavenger hunt and a rabbit/bunny is coming. Who wants to bet?

New arrivals at the IDFone shop.

Also, on Thursday the Vintage Shop and the Oasis Bazaar are going to add new items. New-old items, anyway.


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