How to Play Jelly Shuffle on Fantage

At first I didn’t get this game, now that I know how it works I thought it might be helpful to explain it to you guys! ^_^

Ok so you can play Jelly Shuffle on the boat, Sea Breeze. You can find it on the map.

What you have to do is try to get jellies to land in the numbered areas. The numbers mean how many points you’ll get. The more points you earn, the better.

First, decide where you want your jelly to start. Pay attention to the wind direction! This could help/harm you.

Secondly, click your screen and pull the leather belt that holds your jelly as far back as you can. The further back, the more power.

Thirdly, the meter at the left will start going. Try to click when the bar hits the green. The greener, the better.

Your jelly will slide on the board.

Remember, try to get it as far back as you can. There are areas in which you can score 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 points. Be careful, though. If you go too far back, you’ll get squished and won’t get any points.

To win you’ll need to win two rounds.

However many points you earn is however many stars you get! So go get sliding(;

Good luck!


P.S. This game isn’t too bad… I mean I got frustrated at first because I didn’t get it. xD But after learning how to play it, I kept playing. I think Fantage might keep it like at Pet Town. I’m not sure, though.