The Dangers of Working at a Mall

From my Reintroduction post I told you guys I worked at a mall. I work at one of the fastest-growing retail stores yada yada… Well unfortunately for my part-time pay, I spend non-working hours there giving money to the stores. There are two main guilty categories that always lure both me and my wallet in. So the money I make at the mall I end up giving back… for very cute clothes and tasty treats.

1. The Clothes

Packing for a trip I found my most recent shopping bag (pictured below, minus one romper). Other items I’ve bought are work [restaurant] shirts, jeans, athleticwear (running pants and sports bras), socks, and earrings. My motto is if it’s cute and cheap it’s mine. I love a good sale and it seems every store at this mall does also.

The Food

I have consumed many smoothies during my lunch break (I had to ask for a punch card) and a goal I’m not proud of is to have sampled every smoothie offered…very unfortunate for my bank account. I sometimes get my favorite Taco Bell item – the cheesy bean and rice burrito which ends up slathered in Fire sauce. I use around 7 packets each time; I I really like my hot sauce. One of the Chinese restaurants has vegetarian-friendly cheese wontons (no crab meat) so every once in a while I’ll  get an order. Three for a dollar? Sounds good to me. Whenever I want a sweet treat I’ll stop by Subway and get two cookies – one chocolate chip and one m&m and choc chip.

RIP my wallet.

Bonus: The Pokémon

Okay this one isn’t a money-snatcher but it has consumed a lot of my time. My mall has like seven Pokéstops in it plus it’s weatherproof (it’s an indoor mall) so a lot of people will come by just to hatch their eggs, get items, and catch Pokémon. Air conditioned with food available, it’s a pretty swell place to Pokéhunt. I’ll walk around both floors multiple times getting every Pokéstop and Pokémon I see, putting kilometers towards my eggs. The danger here is losing time that I should be putting towards productive things. Like that gym membership I keep postponing.

Well that’s all, folks.


My Tattoo 👽

I got tatted with my best friend a few months ago and I figured I’d share it with y’all. I originally wanted something bigger done last year but I then figured out my career (acting) and yeah lmao wouldn’t wanna have to cover it up for every audition/performance/etc. So I got something small done.

Meaning? None. I just like it so why not ink it? 😛



Alright so I’m a sick fuck and I actually enjoy needles and syringes and injections. So getting this done was h-e-a-v-e-n. Like I wish I had gotten a larger piece done so the feeling would’ve lasted longer. It was very prickly and idk stab-y? But it just felt good.

It was very spontaneous I drove my friend and I a few hours north to attend a weather spotter training sesh that a friend from HS had invited us to at his college. I got a speeding ticket on the way there but that’s a different story lol. The lesson ended after like an hour? Maybe two? And we were stuck in some city so we were like aight let’s explore. We got some sandwiches at some local joint (lmao get it “joint”; they kept making weed jokes like the place was low-key a weed-centric restaurant) then decided to get tattoos.

Mine has faded a little (like all hand tattoos) but for being on the finger it hasn’t faded to the point where it’s lost its shape it’s just a little washed out so that was surprising. I’m gonna get it retouched and see how that goes.